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Friday, March 25, 2005

Comic Books, our Modern Myths

Why do I love comic books--especially the superhero books?

Originally, it was a colorful, flashy world that captivated my child-mind. You never knew what you'd see next and it seemed as if anything could happen there.

And since I've always been interested in mythology, as I got older, I was able to stick with reading comic books because I learned to see that superheroes and super villains are our modern myths (something, I think, Hollywood is only now finally discovering). Just read the early Arthurian Romances, or the myths of the Celts, especially the Mabinogion, or of the Greek or Norse, and see how similar the fantastic elements therein are to comic books--especially the superhero genre. A super strong man facing off against a 5-headed monster in order to save innocent people from the beast's wrath? Sounds like a comic book, right? It's from the Hercules myths. Stan Lee and Jack Kirby understood this when they married Norse myths with superhero comics when they published their interpretation of THOR.

I love thrilling tales of courage overcoming adversity, of archetypal good vanquishing archetypal evil; such stories have certainly had an influence on my developing character as I grew up.

I enjoy the escapist value comic books offer...especially in the wake of September 11th. I love to peel open the cover, like opening a magic door, and then stepping through, leaving behind, for a brief time, this mundane world--which can too often be so harsh; moms cutting off their babies limbs, political corruption, the latest murder news, etc--to enter a world of brilliant colors, dazzling sights, larger than life characters, mythic battles and creatures, fantastic gadgets and journeys to amazing worlds.

So much wonder in a thin stapled collection of paper.

Simply miraculous.


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