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Thursday, March 24, 2005

September 11th Memorial for a Friend

September 11th
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In Memory Of Carl Molinaro,
Ladder Company 2,
who died a hero on September 11th, 2001

As children, during those long and seemingly endless summers, we played at being heroes together.

Then you went on to become a real one.

It is extraordinary souls like yours that remind us of the amazing and limitless depths of courage that our firefighters possess.

It is my hope that someday I might run into your wife and children, that I might tell them that I knew you as punk kid in Brooklyn and that you were courageous and heroic even back then (remember how we use to play stunt men and throw ourselves out of trees and over cars?)...and that I am proud and honored to have had such a valiant and selfless man as my friend.

I have a favorite quote that I'd like to share with you, Carl:

"All that is required for Evil to win in the world is for enough Good people to do nothing..."
--Edmund Burke

And I know that as long as there are good people like you, Carl, the world shall never succumb to evil.

Thank you, My Friend, for your dauntless heroism, your chivalrous sacrifice.

You, Carl, are the very definition of a hero.


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