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Monday, May 23, 2005

The Drunk In the Men's Room

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Back in my college days, when the clubs and bars of New York City would close at 4 am, my buddies and I would then venture to our favorite diner before finally going home.

On one Saturday night at that diner, my friend Joe and I went to use the men's room.

As we entered, I saw a short man in his late forties standing there. He was obviously very drunk, swaying on his feet. As he watched us pass him, his lips curled into the mischievous smirk that only serious drunks wear...the kind where you just know they're going to make some idiotic comment.

And, sure enough, this guy did.

The drunk turned to us and said, in a slurring voice with a heavy Brooklyn accent, "I see two fags." Then he ran out of the men's room.

I laughed and shouted after him, "I see one!"

Before the bathroom door could close, the drunk caught it and stuck his head back in. He yelled, "I see two!" and then fled.

I laughed again, but my friend Joe got so angry that he blugeoned the walls with his fists.

Moments later, as we left the men's room, we spied the drunk sitting at the counter. Now he swayed on the stool and seemed about to fall off.

My friend Joe, still fuming, wanted to confront the man. But, I laughed, and said, "Joe, I doubt the guy even remembers what he just what would be the point?"

So we left the drunk alone and went to join our friends at the table.

To this day, since telling my family and friends this story, whenever they see Joe and I together, they grin--almost like the drunken man--and say, "I see two fags."


Blogger Christian Otte said...

You talk way too much.

Fun blog, though :) .

May 27, 2005 2:32 PM  

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