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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Hendrix, the Blues Clown

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Once upon a Saturday afternoon, at the W4th Street subway station in New York City, my friend Joe and I stepped off the F-train and encountered a man dressed as a clown. And I mean a full-blown costume; looking like any professional clown you might see at a child's birthday party, twisting balloons into animal shapes before a crowd of small, smiling faces.

Only this clown had an electric guitar and portable amplifier. A guitar case lay open at his feet, showing a few dollar bills and some coins--starter money.

"Hey fellas," he said to us, "I'm Hendrix, the Blues Clown. Whattaya wanna hear?"

"Do you know, HEY JOE?" Joe asked.

The Blues Clown didn't reply but started to play the opening notes of the Jimi Hendrix classic.

And the clown was good! He could play!

As he stood there, wailing on his electric guitar, the gaudy colors of his clown suit, face paint, wig and putty nose all stood in bright contrast to the grimy white-tiled walls and the stained and trash-littered platform.

Trains roared in and rolled out, but this maestro in make-up didn't seem to notice, lost in the music.

And when he started to sing, my friend Joe and I joined in, jamming with the Blues Clown. We even attracted an appreciative little crowd.

And when the song was over, the spell of the music lifted and, after adding our dollars to those of the grateful crowd, we went about our way.

We never saw Hendrix the Blues Clown again. But I like to think that he's still jamming somewhere out there...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I missed all the fun!

AB :)

June 08, 2005 11:06 AM  

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